RelaXXPlayer 0.69

Another bugfix release of the enhanced ALAX client for the music player daemon. Now with russian language support. RelaXX includes features like keyboard-control, drag and drop, context-menus, sortable tracklists and more using JavaScript. Suited to all MPD versions and all modern browsers now. Issue with MPD 1.5x was fixed.

Relaxx 0.67

Last stable release of the OS mpd-browser-client before 0.7. Improved support for radio streams. Added xiph xspf support and some more playlist formats. The next version will support radio-stream selection over xiph yellow-pages. (


Relaxx 0.66

Only 2 weeks later Relaxx was released with a new version code. I decided to implement a new function. You can now add complete directories and subdirectories to the playlist by dragging entries from the directory tree to the playlist container. Beside I fixed some errors related to IE an Opera.

Relaxx 0.65 final

RelaXX 056

After 4 month I decided to release 0.56. I fixed several bugs relating the keyboard-handling in conclusion with input-fields, to make RelaXX more user-friendly. There is also a first (very experimental) plugin, which allows users to play songs directly in the browser using flash.

The next release with a plugin system and drag an drop of complete directories will and soon.

Maybe RelaXX will allow direct search and access to radio-libraries like shoutcast and

I am still looking for a Spanish translation of the xml-language file.

... download it here

RelaXXPlayer 0.55

RelaXXPlayer 0.55 is out now. This will be the last 0.5 version. The new release tries to suggest title and artist from filename, if a file is not tagged. Version 0.55 was tested with Firefox 3 beta 5. I strongly recommend FF3 for Relaxx and all javascript-applications, because it is much faster.
**Invocation** To make the client better, I need your help. Every feature-request, patch or extension is desired. Especially I am looking for people translating the language.xml to other languages liken Spanish, French or Dutch.

Important Patch 0.52

ImportantWe tested RelaXX on a collection with 150.000 mp3s and about 13.000 directories. Because of unoptimized code the first load of RelaXXPlayer was slow on such a
large mp3 collection. 0.52 is now much faster. I definitely recommend
this update to all users.

Download 0.52

First official non-beta release

The new darkblue skin on safari
RelaXXPlayer isn't complete yet. But after several bugfixes and compatibility checks I released 0.5 non-beta. RelaXX should now be compatible with all modern browsers like IE, FF, Safari and Opera and even fast enough for CPUs <1GHZ. I have also added a new skin. 

So give it a try and download.

0.5 changed to beta status

I implemented drag and drop. Now all planned features are included. Since 0.5b you re able to drag selected songs from TRACKLIST to PLAYLIST and sort the PLAYLIST by dragging the songs from one position to another.

RelaXXPlayer 0.5 alpha released

It's finally done. I released the first version on Tue., the 21. February 2008. As the version number shows, the player isn't yet free of bugs and do not contain all planned features. Regardless of the alpha-version, RelaXXP seems to be stable enough, to be usable. So I would be pleased if you download it and send me some recommendations and critics.

Download at Sourceforge: